A New Year and all that comes with it...

Happy New Year to you! As you read this, for most of you, you will have nearly completed your first working week of the year.

The Christmas period and the new year is often a (good) time for review, reflection and possibly the setting of some personal and professional intentions – determining new goals, reestablishing and amending ongoing objectives. Whatever you decide upon and however you decide to proceed, here are some things to think about as you do them:

• Try not to just focus on a goal like, 'I want to compete in a triathlon this year' but base these on why you want to do this. Base them on your values, for as drivers, these will be more meaningful and better motivators, if your resolve starts to falter • Within reason, whilst being resolute, also be prepared to be flexible and to tweak your goals and the process of getting there. After all, things can change, setbacks happen and hurdles do crop up - you want to be ready to for them all • Speaking of hurdles, take some time to reflect on where you might not have achieved what you wanted previously - these should help how you tackle new challenges with a different mindset • Think about your goals within the bigger picture and how it fits with where you are contextually. It will really help you plan for your objectives, increase your focus and encourage you with your plans • Most of all, be kind to yourself, have fun and enjoy the whole process - from the planning through to the execution!

Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, successful, enjoyable and interesting 2017.

UncategorizedKaren Kwong