Client Testimonials


I cannot recommend Karen highly enough. I found her no-nonsense attitude refreshing, which when combined with a deep understanding of human thinking and a fantastic business mind makes for an incredibly valuable asset to any person trying to achieve their potential.

I really enjoyed Karen’s way of thinking and her clarity. I am very wary of hyperbolic spin, so I was extremely pleased with Karen’s positive yet grounded approach in helping me resolve my issues.


/ Analyst, Financial Services /

Karen was part of a team which delivered a team building session for my leadership team. She has also been coaching one of my team. Both of these pieces of work have been extremely well delivered. Karen has an exceptional integrity, a sharp mind and is challenging in a constructive way. I would highly recommend Karen for any work relating to leadership coaching or team building. She will definitely deliver results!

Karen asked exactly the right questions to get me thinking about how I could improve my strategy in my own business. She provoked thought in areas I hadn’t previously considered which resulted in my feeling that I had a much more thorough view of where I am going. Conclusively I felt (and feel) more confident in selling my product having worked with Karen.

/ Director, Public Services /

/ CEO & Founder, Media /


(based on F Livheim & ACT Organisation’s Life Compass Programme) – co-facilitated by Karen Kwong with Sukha Life Limited. 

Testimonial 1

“…a terrific experience. I joined the programme looking to gain an understanding of how best to manage the stress I feel at work… Not only was I introduced to a new approach to how I live my life but I was given a safe and comfortable forum in which to explore and discuss this new approach with others… The most valuable skill I learnt was to accept different situations, to recognise that I may genuinely not be able to influence that situation and to focus instead on being calm and being present and in the moment. I definitely underestimated how valuable that skill can be, not just when travelling on a busy, delayed train but also on a larger scale when dealing with issues at work and in my relationships with other people. Yes it takes practice but being able to see and feel a difference, instantly, after each session is hugely motivating.”

 – PR & Marketing Executive, Financial Services

Testimonial 2

“I enrolled.. looking for help finding ‘the secret sauce’ for a happier, calmer, more positive headspace. It was a step into a brave new world, but one of my best decisions of the year. The.. programme hasn’t changed my life – it’s changed how I think about life… Practical exercises, tools, and techniques created an active learning environment during and after the sessions, when life’s day to day challenges kick back in… Karen [and Michael] coach because they really do care… I already feel more focused, with a happier and healthier mind… If you have any thoughts about doing this, have the thought “Just do it”!”

– Senior Project Manager – Engineering, Construction and Project Management Services

Testimonial 3

“…my reason for participating in this course was to try and regain balance in my life. It fulfilled my expectations in every way. It allowed me to step back and learn new tools for maintaining balance day to day, which in turn makes life more enjoyable and more productive at the same time. More importantly I learnt tools I can incorporate in to my life very easily, without them adding to my workload and being another ‘thing’ to do…  On a practical level the course itself was very well run, with excellent presentations… I cannot think how you could not benefit from the course!”

– Acupuncturist, BSc(Hons) Acupuncture, Dip Ac (China), MBAcC

Testimonial 4

“This 4 part seminar was informative, interactive with the right balance of theory and practice… This resulted in me operating in ‘auto pilot’ a lot less and being able to step out of stressful situations and appraise them rather than simply reacting on impulse.”

– L&D Advisor, Global Financial Services