Change Happens

All organisations will encounter change. If your organisation is at its peak, you will need the tools to retain your competitive edge. If your organisation has room to grow, you will want to address this and seize the opportunities. Either way, changes need to happen for your organisation to evolve and be at its best.

Changes can also occur to a company’s structure, either as a result of a merger, acquisition, downsizing or takeover, resulting in changes to the composition of the team or board. Outlooks, objectives and strategies might also change for the organisation to remain current and competitive.

All changes, no matter how subtle or dramatic, have a significant impact on the stability of a firm as employees throughout the organisation adjust to the new structure, culture or working environment.

Mitigating the Effects of Change

Ren Organisational Consulting (RenOC) specialises in alleviating the challenges of organisational change. We work closely with your management teams and your employees to identify those potential problems and weaknesses that can destabilise your organisation and impact productivity and performance.


RenOC consultants spend time working with you to understand your unique vision, strengths, objectives, structure and culture, as well as understanding your competition to ensure that you, your team and your organisation are at your best. By working together with you, we can provide tailored, tangible and effective long-term solutions to ensure that your organisation responds positively to those changes to its structure, ensuring that your workforce thrives.


Typical Clients:  An organisation which wants to or is undergoing growth, development and/or change including (but not exclusively):

  • Multinational organisations or organisations with multinational and multicultural employees
  • Organisations or teams undergoing a review or changes in personnel, culture, structure, strategy or objectives
  • Organisations undergoing mergers, takeovers, acquisitions, including supporting those facing redundancy
  • Organisations wishing to manage talent and succession planning
  • Start-ups
  • Organisations wishing to develop their Selection and Assessment practices
  • Organisations looking for Training and Development
  • Maternity
  • Conflict Management including Bullying in the Workplace

“I sought guidance from RenOC to understand better how to manage the relationship between the three distinct areas of the business to ensure that we worked together better and were able to build a clear strategy into which each individual within the business contributed rather than working within separate silos.”

Director of Communications
Financial Services