THE RenOC PROGRAMME - Resilience, Stress Management & Wellbeing

The RenOC Programme[1] is based on a powerful psychological intervention [2] which has been proven to transform lives of people in a wide variety of settings, including clinical, lifestyle and business arenas. Studies [3] have shown that the intervention is extremely effective in stress management, resilience training, emotional burnout and improved effectiveness and performance at work.

For feedback on the effectiveness of the Programme, see Testimonials

[1] based on F Livheim & ACT Organisation’s Life Compass Programme



The Programme is specifically aimed at supporting individuals, either at work and/or at home navigate successfully through today’s challenges. It consists of:

  • A pre-course self-awareness session
  • 4 x 4 hour group [4] sessions at a luxurious but cosy venue in Central London – away from your home and your place of work
  • A one-on-one post course coaching session
[4] no more than 10 participants in group sessions


Typical Clients:  An organisation which wants to or is undergoing growth, development and/or change including (but not exclusively):

  • The complete RenOC Programme                               £2,000
  • Course only                                                                       £1,500

All potential participants will undergo a brief confidential interview to ensure that the course is suitable for them, and if not, alternatives will be discussed

Workshops & Forums

  • Career change
  • Conflict management
  • Relationships
  • Volunteering
  • Dating
  • Start-ups
  • Maternity
  • Navigating office politics
  • Bullying at work
  • Family dynamics
  • Presentation Skills
  • And anything else that may be of interest… Suggestions welcome!

Bespoke Projects

Projects have included:

  • Interim COO role and duties for start-ups
  • Equity and equity-related derivatives execution services, analyses and reviews
  • Leadership development programme for a charitable foundation
  • Marketing for a specialist working group and its annual conference